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At Texdoo, we begin everything discussing ideas, inspirations and stories. We engage with you to create a concept, a collection and covert them in to designs that speak through your fabrics.


We effectively engage with you at all steps of the process from ideation through sales to create a true partnership. Our ultimate goal is to help strengthen your home textile product offering and increase profitability.


We only produce high-quality fabrics for all functional use within the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom that are aesthetically pleasing and pleasant. Quality assurance during our production process is a serious business at Texdoo that we do not compromise upon.

Our Process

1. Ideation

Through brainstorming sessions, we first socialize with you to understand your functional, technical and design requirements. We also take the opportunity to show you our swatch book and samples from previous projects for you to feel the quality of our fabrics. By applying design thinking we develop concepts for your collections and individual product needs within five days based on further iterative discussions.

2. Sample Production

We develop and deliver samples as early as within 15 working days upon confirmation of the design developed in the ideation phase. All texdoo partner manufacturers have a special focus and resources for producing samples. We ship the samples to you directly at free of cost, following which further adjustments to the specifications can be made.

3. Project definition

During this phase, we define the scope of the project, timeline and quality requirements. Product design specifications and costing are finalized through an iterative process in the project definition phase. The final project definition will set the baseline to report progress once the production begins.

4. Project confirmation

Project confirmation phase is when we agree with you on the formal deliverables, documentation, and start of production. certain pre-requisites such as payment terms, etc are aligned. During this phase we share with you the detailed production plan, plant details and resources that will work on the project.

5. Product development

This phase is the most crucial as it encompasses the end-end product development process. The production process comprises several steps starting from the selection of the yarn followed by dying, weaving, printing, processing, stitching, inspection, and packing.

6. Product delivery

Our team is experienced in handling documentations and getting required clearances for export of home textile products across Europe via both sea or air transport.

Home for home textile retailers

For new/ existing businesses that are diversifying into home textiles and e-commerce stores that are adding home segments to their online stores, we are here to help produce your seasonal collections for homes and other lifestyle products.

Brand your home and lifestyle products

We believe that a brand should symbolize the ideas and tell its story through its products. Whether you are a little boutique store, a yoga studio, a fitness center or a restaurant we work with you to manufacture your own branded collection for every setting and event you organize for your customers.

Creative partners

We work with our customers as design partners to create designs that are driven by creativity and any events driven by festivals, seasons, etc.

Uniqueness and quality over quantity

We like being different and creating distinctive designs for your customers, therefore we value quality over quantity. We help create a wide range of designs of lower volume with possible minimum order quantity.